P9 NODES | by Soleex B.V.

The most overpowered RPC solution in the Solana ecosystem.


Looking for a trustworthy node built for coins swaps and NFTs minting?

P9 Nodes is an NFT collection that gives you access to our highly scalable RPC nodes network.

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  • Blazing Fast

    Blazing Fast

    Low reponse times, no matter your demands.

  • Consistency


    We scale our infrastructure to ensure the highest possible success rate.

  • Premium Quality

    Premium Quality

    Hosted on the most powerful and reliable servers.

  • Proven Success

    Proven Success

    Thousands of successful and profitable swaps transactions.


Wondering what makes us so competitive?

Technology is not magic: our service is built from the ground up with your botting needs in mind.

First block hit!
Thanks to our custom solutions, you will constantly be the first to buy and sell new tokens. Watch your profits skyrocket!

Coin sniped

Lowest ping
Nothing is left to chance. Our nodes capitalize on the lowest average ping to Solana's validators worldwide, thanks to our tailor-made network.

Lowest ping
Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers
We provide dedicated servers directly connected with our nodes, to let our users run their bots reaching as little as 0.1ms ping.

Global Cluster

Global cluster
While our main infrastructure is hosted in Germany, we also have optional multi-IP whitelisting around the world to let our users run their bots in multiple locations at the same time.

Previous successes

Still have questions?

We have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch.

  • The mint price is 3000€ VAT excluded. To mantain the license, each NFT requires a monthly fee of 150€ VAT excluded.

  • They lose their utility, become not sellable on MagicEden, and they are reissued in the form of replacement tokens.

  • Our supply is limited to 99 renewal licenses and 6 lifetime licenses. We will never mint more than 105 NFTs.

  • Our main and most performing location is and will always be Frankfurt, Germany. Additional locations around the world will be added soon, allowing our users to run multiple bots on multiple IPs for a small extra fee per location.

  • We currently have a limit of 300 TPS (transactions per second) and 1500 general RPS. Additional limits apply to specific methods. It's important to understand that we keep TPS limited because our technology allows an higher ratio than average between successful transactions and transactions dropped.